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How To Exchange Timeshare

More than 80% of timeshare purchasers buy with the intention of using the exchange option.  Owning at an affiliated resort will provide you with the opportunity to exchange your week for any number of destinations throughout the world.  There are two major exchange companies, Resort Condominiums International (RCI) and Interval International (II).  Listed below are the statistics for RCI and II.

Exchange Company



 Affiliated Resorts

 > 3,000

> 2,500

2011 Exchange Fees    






 2011 Bonus Weeks

from $189

from $199

 Guest Certificate



2011 Membership Fees
 one year



 three years



 five years




The following are the operating guidelines concerning when you can deposit and travel against your timeshare week, as well as other pertinent exchange information:


Exchange Company



Deposit your week   2 years to 2 weeks prior  2 years to 2 weeks prior 
Request your  exchange 2 years to 2 days prior      2 years to 1 day prior 
Eligibility of trading week 1 year prior to 2 years after start date of week  1 year prior to 2 years after start date of week 
Last Minute Exchange Instant Exchange Flexchange
Time frame     45 - 2 days prior 60 - 1 day prior
Telephone Number (800) 338-7777     (800) 843-8843

Other member benefits from RCI include the bi-annual Special Resort Edition, or the directory of resorts, the bi-monthly Endless Vacation magazine, use of RCI Travel, discounts on car rentals, cruises and hotel reservations, as well as an application for an RCI Visa or Mastercard, all of which are included in your membership. 

Interval International member benefits include the I.I. Resort Directory, and the quarterly Interval International Traveler magazine.  For an extra charge, members can enroll in the WorldCard Preferred program which entitles them to extra benefits on programs such as AutoVantage©, Preferred Shopper, and discounts on stays at hotels and resorts.

Resort Recognition

RCI recognizes quality by giving either the Gold Crown (their highest award), Silver Crown, or the Hospitality Award.  Interval International gives its highest quality resorts eith the "II Premier" (their highest) or "II Select" award.  Both companies recognize top quality by granting the awards to deserving resorts. 
It is very important to note that you do not have to own at an award winning resort to be able to trade into one.  This is true for both RCI and II. 

How to Exchange

The first step in exchanging is normally to deposit the week you own.  II does offer the choice of requesting your exchange first, but in order to have the greatest exchange potential, you should both deposit your week and request your exchange as early as possible.

The most crucial determination to make in deciding where you should own (and therefore what you will be trading) is to analyze how and where yo plan your vacations. 

If you are limited to traveling during peak seasons (mainly when children are out of school) or to destinations in high demand (such as Orlando, the beach during the summer, etc.), then you should own a prime property and request your exchange far in advance.  Both exchange companies allow requests to be entered up to two years prior to the travel dates.  Not many people can plan this far in advance, but if you are planning an anniversary trip or family reunion (where you may need more than one unit), then planning far in advance will give you the best possibility for getting confirmed. 

When you call the exchange company to request your vacation, do not be surprised if you are told that nothing is currently available.  Normally, no more than 50% of requests get confirmed the same day.  Ask to submit a pending exchange request.  List as many suitable resort choices found in your directory of resorts.  If you let them, the exchange companies will automatically confirm one of your choices once it becomes available.  You can ask to be called prior to confirming any of your choices.  Once something is offered to you, you will normally have at least 24 hours to make your decision to accept or reject it.  What a great opportunity to get online to see pictures and read reviews from other exchange guests and owners!

The more flexibility you have regarding travel dates or possible destinations, the greater the likelihood of getting confirmed.  Keep in mind that everything comes down to supply and demand.  Give the exchange company as much time as possible to try and get an exchange.  You may ask, "Why would I get confirmed later if nothing is available now?"  Keep in mind that the exchange companies can only offer weeks that are deposited by other members such as yourself.  They will continue to receive deposits up to two weeks prior to the travel date.  At that point there will still be cancellations that come in, and members that have emergencies whose week may still be accepted by the exchange company.