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Donate For a Cause

(877) 822-2873
3701 Trakker Trail Suite 2J, Bozeman, Montana, USA 59718

Who is Donate For A Cause?

Donate For A Cause is an assumed business name of Project Philanthropy, Inc. a 501(c)(3) District of Columbia not-for-profit organization. Our Tax I.D. or EIN # is 20-4862885.

Founded August 2, 2004, Donate For A Cause has raised over $3,000,000.00 for dozens of local and national charities all over the U.S. We are the #1 charity in the United States that focuses solely on converting donated timeshares and turning them into needed revenue for the charities you love.

How We Began

After working in the timeshare resale business for the past 13 years, we saw how hard and expensive it was for most owners to sell their timeshares. We realized that many sellers would actually be better off financially by donating their timeshares, rather than trying to sell them. Here's why: The average person spends anywhere between $800.00 and $3000.00 trying to advertise and sell their timeshare which eventually sells for $1,500.00 to $4,500.00. It doesn't take long to realize that the investment is not worth the reward. This is why we founded Donate For A Cause.

Now those trying to sell their timeshare don't have to waste all that time and money trying to sell their timeshare. All they need to do is contact Donate For A Cause, we will complete all of the necessary transfer documents. The property will be deeded to the charity and the donor gets a tax write-off. It's that simple.

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