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Resort Closings, Inc.

(406) 585-0688 or (877) 748-7488
Fax: (406) 585-1799
3701 Trakker Trail Suite 2J, Bozeman, Montana, USA 59718

Congratulations on the purchase or sale of your timeshare!

The next step is to transfer the ownership from the Seller to the Buyer. Resort Closings, Inc. is here to make sure that your timeshare closing experience is the best that it can be. We offer several different timeshare transfer options. If you are unfamiliar with some of the terms or vocabulary, or are unsure which option is best for you, please read this informative article, written by the owner of the company. And feel free to browse the Frequently Asked Questions, which contains a glossary of timeshare terminology.

Complete Timeshare Closing (Without Title Insurance)
Start your Closing Now!

Note: Title Insurance is recommended for all deeded real estate transfers. Title Insurance is the only way to insure that the property you are purchasing has no mortgage, judgment, tax lien or other encumbrance burdening the title and thereby negatively affecting its value. If you are interested in acquiring Title Insurance please call us for a quote.

This closing includes:
  • Document Preparation
    We professionally draft the documents necessary to transfer ownership (typically a deed)

  • Perform an Account Search
    We contact the resort and get a signed letter verifying the seller's ownership.
    (This is extremely important, you do not want to buy a timeshare with unpaid maintenance fees or buy the wrong size unit, etc.)

  • Property Tax Verification
    We contact the county assessor's office where the the property is located and verify that the property taxes have been paid.

  • Provide Purchase Contract and/or Settlement Statement
    These documents inform each party what exactly they are buying and what their financial responsibilities are at the closing.

  • Collection of funds
    We collect all the funds necessary to transfer ownership and hold that money in a secure escrow account until the transfer is complete.

  • Ownership Document Processing and Resort Notification
    We process transfer documents and/or record the deed and forward a copy to the Resort and the Buyer (sales tax and recording fees not included).

  • Attorney Reviewed Closings
    All closings are reviewed by our in-house Attorney to assure accuracy.

    This option is not available for some properties deeded in

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