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eTimesharePro's patent-pending technology provides timeshare owners with the luxury of being in complete control of advertising their property through thousands of directories worldwide.

In fact, with the push of a button, etimesharepro publishes to over 200,000 real estate & classified directories with a powerful, user-friendly interface.

The advantages of etimesharepro™ are second to none!


Most companies that claim to have the ability to sell and market your timeshare charge well over $2000 (and sometimes much more) to place a single ad on some obscure website. What's more, the vast majority of these entities will be misleading, making boastful, inaccurate claims of having a buyer ready to purchase your unit, a sales tactic which is both illegal, and unethical. With the advent of eTimesharePro, you never have to worry about falling victim to that kind of are the one in control!

The etimesharepro™ platform is a dynamic, cost-effective, and extremely user-friendly software interface that syndicates the sale or rental of your timeshare property to tens of thousands of real estate listings globally for maximum effectiveness.

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