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Voucher Snap

(407) 422-7437
1335 Bennett Dr. Suite 107, Longwood, Florida, USA 32750

In 1992 Thomas Cook commissioned Mr. Larry Acord to design, develop and deploy a point of sale system capable of issuing and tracking a voucher that would be accepted at the gate for admission by all the major theme parks and attractions in Orlando and throughout the entire Central Florida area.

A voucher in lieu of a ticket was a fantastic idea made possible by the travel company contacting each theme park, attraction, tour bus company, dinner show and a host of other tourism related products and services to get approval for their voucher to be accepted at the gate. These tourism related companies would in turn invoice them for each voucher redeemed on a regular basis. 

Voucher Snap’s first Timeshare client was able to recover millions of dollars tied up in inventory par levels and put that money back to work. They dramatically cut losses “close to zero” caused by poor operator accountability within the first six months of use.

Not only did Voucher Snap solve the operator accountability problem it also allowed for easy expansion of Guest Service sites where the marketing of Timeshare tour bookings was accomplished. Voucher Snap was easily paying for itself by cutting losses alone, but now we discovered Voucher Snap could play an important role to increase Timeshare tour bookings as well. 

Our clients reported “breakage”. One company reported breakage exceeding one million dollars in one calendar year. Breakage was a new concept to us that really didn't seem possible, but it was possible and continues paying our dividends year after year. 

Driven by the specific business requirements of the Timeshare industry Voucher Snap POS has evolved to encompass every facet of front end Point of Sale, Back End accounting and marketing reporting. Voucher Snap's software engineers are constantly working to address the specific operational and reporting needs for their clients. 

The ability to sell ticket inventory and/or issue vouchers “where desired” is the balance that our Voucher Snap clients have requested. It’s not a matter of either/or it's your choice on a park by park, service by service basis whether to issue a voucher or sell hard ticket inventory stock. 

Voucher Snap routinely tracks voucher and hard ticket inventory sales while at the same time tracking the drawer totals on a real time perpetual basis. Operator accountability is held to the highest standards possible with a methodology known as real time perpetual blind balancing. 

If you are responsible for looking into ways to improve your company's profitability then Voucher Snap POS is what you have been looking for.

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